Kuomboka network


Foundation Kuomboka, the Netherlands

The foundation Kuomboka supports several musical activities in the Netherlands since 1986. In 1983 Dutch musicians in Delft started to make African music with the singer Alice Wamulume from Zambia. The name of this band was "Kuomboka". The band quitted in 1987.

In 1989. some musicians from Kuomboka started a new band called "Les Kingo Star". This band played hot tropical African and South American music. Les Kingo Star split up in 1999. In summer 2005 they gave two reunionconcerts in France with the original line-up. The next reunion will be in 2010, august 4.

The musicians started new musical projects in Delft and Amsterdam like "Ohio", "Music for millions", "OK Bungo", "Go West" and the small band "Niets dan Ellende" with Dutch music and lyrics. Several musicians played in several of these bands, so that's how the Kuomboka network was developped.

This site is a portal to the several sites by members from the Kuomboka Network. It also presents information from musical activities historical, presently and in the future.

At this moment (2010) the next musical activities by the members of the Kuomboka network are known: